Upcoming Disney Movies

Daniel Poussart

September 29, 2022

Daniel Poussart

Whether you’re looking for a new family movie to see with your children or want to know more about an upcoming Disney movie, this list will have something for you. We’ve covered you, from Pinocchio to John Carter of Mars, Robin Hood to Wish. Read on to learn more about some of the films releasing this summer.


Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who comes to life after the arrival of the Blue Fairy. The little puppet is adventurous and yearns to be a real boy. He leaves his father and tries to join a traveling circus to fulfill this desire.

Disney’s new “Pinocchio” will debut on Disney+ on Sept. 8, 2022. However, it will not play in theaters. Instead, it will be streamed on the streaming service. Unlike the theatrical version, Disney+ will stream the 1940 animated film.

In this version, Zemeckis tries to update the classic story. He teamed up with Christopher Weitz, a co-writer who wrote the screenplay. The film also features two new characters: Sofia and Fabiana. Sofia is voiced by Lorraine Bracco and helps Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. Fabiana, voiced by Kyanne Lamaya, dreams of dancing but is restricted to wearing a metal foot brace. Pinocchio also meets Sabina, a mermaid and former ballerina, who Jaquita Tale plays.

Another live-action Pinocchio film was given the green light in 2015. While the project has faced many roadblocks, it has now been cast and is under the director’s control. Robert Zemeckis, the man behind Back to the Future trilogy, Castaway, and The Last Samurai, is directing the film. Initially, it was slated to open in theaters, but a Covid-19 pandemic slowed down plans. So now, the movie will only be available on Disney’s streaming service.

John Carter of Mars

Walt Disney Pictures has just announced two movies that will hit theaters this year. The first, Frankenweenie, is based on the 1984 short film and was produced by Tim Burton. However, this new story version will feature stop-motion animation and 3D technology in film. The second film, John Carter of Mars, is directed by Andrew Stanton. The film is a science fiction adventure that stars Taylor Kitsch as an astronaut who travels to Mars.

“John Carter of Mars” is based on a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs that follows a Civil War veteran named John Carter. He finds himself swept up in a world on the brink of collapse but surrounded by a world full of people with a different culture than he is used to. As a result of his newfound responsibility to save his people, he rediscovers his humanity.

The upcoming sequel to John Carter was originally going to be called Gods of Mars, but Disney decided against it due to the bad reputation of the first movie. The story wasn’t exactly as original as many had suspected, and its reputation as a Disney film didn’t help. In retrospect, it didn’t deserve the bad rap it got. In a way, the movie broke a lot of Disney rules. Disney’s studio was already turning into a Marvel factory, and this was an attempt to do something different for its audience.

Robin Hood

Fans of classic tales will be happy to know that a live-action version of Robin Hood is in the works at Disney. Based on the classic tale of the swashbuckling fox, the new film is directed by Blindspotting director Carlos Lopez Estrada. The script is being written by Kari Granlund, who also wrote Lady and the Tramp. The film is being developed for the streaming service Disney+.

While the Disney version of Robin Hood has a lot of similarities with the original, many critics have complained that it suffers from one-dimensional characters and weak pacing. It’s a good thing, then, that the movie’s music is fantastic. Hopefully, this film can avoid these flaws and deliver a memorable, heartwarming story.

The story revolves around the infamous outlaw Robin Hood, who protects the poor and fights against the crooks. In the Crusades, Robin Hood would rob the rich to give to the poor. Unfortunately, the Sheriff of Nottingham is out to catch him, and Robin and Little John escape. Meanwhile, Prince John and his counselor Sir Hiss have arrived in Nottingham, and their relationship is fraught. They are both greedy and immature, and Prince John puts a bounty on them.


The Wishing Star has appeared in Disney movies and television shows for decades, inspiring generations of children. In November, Disney will release its 62nd feature film, Wish. The film will follow the release of Strange World, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Don Hall. Other Disney movies released shortly include Mufasa: The Lion King, Peter Pan, and Wendy.

The film will be animated in a style that will combine watercolors with 3D animation. It will also feature a musical score featuring songs from Julia Michaels. Ariana DeBose, who voiced Anita in the 2021 version of West Side Story, will be the voice of Asha, the narrator of Wish. Another voice, Valentino, will be played by Alan Tudyk, the voice of many beloved Disney sidekicks. The film will also feature Disney Easter eggs.

In a recent announcement, Walt Disney Animation revealed that Ariana DeBose would voice Asha in the upcoming film Wish. DeBose will play 17-year-old Asha, who must journey through the Kingdom of Wishes to find guidance from the wishing star. The movie will explore the history of the famous wishing star. The movie’s theme is inspired by the 1940s song “When You Wish Upon a Star.”