New Projects in the Star Wars Series

Daniel Poussart

February 23, 2023

Star Wars Series

Disney recently added several new projects to the Star Wars franchise. There’s a series set before the original movies, two anthology films and a new streaming series.

Each one of these slips in time is a chance for the Mouse House to fill in some gaps and add more to the Star Wars universe, but it’s also a risky venture that can often go off track. Here’s how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

The Original Trilogy

Whether you are a new fan or a seasoned veteran, Star Wars remains one of the most popular franchises in movie history. The original trilogy – A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back.

Moreover, Star Wars has been an inspiration for generations of people. The movies and TV shows that have come out since then keep the universe relevant.

The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars is the most important and most divisive war in the Star Wars saga. It features the Jedi Order leading the Republic army of clone troopers against the Separatist battle droids, all while the galaxy is in turmoil.

The series begins two years before the events of Attack of the Clones, when many star systems had seceded from the Galactic Republic. This led to a series of debates and tension that triggered the onset of the war.

The Clone Wars was a manufactured conflict that was manipulated from the beginning by the Republic’s Chancellor, Senator Palpatine. He played both sides in the war, advocating centralized power while also secretly advising the Separatists as Darth Sidious. He orchestrated the war as part of his master plan to create a new governing state under his control and become Emperor. Eventually, he would go on to build the Galactic Empire.

Star Wars Series – The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens was a major event for Star Wars fans. It brought the series back to the original spirit of adventure and excitement that made the saga so popular.

The film, which was directed by J.J. Abrams and co-written with Lawrence Kasdan and Michael Arndt, rekindled the original ethos of the franchise and was a box office hit. It also introduced a new generation of Star Wars characters and set up the next decade’s worth of sequels.

While The Force Awakens is largely too much like the original trilogy for its own good, it does offer a few refreshing twists to the classic story. The most notable is the inclusion of a few new characters and the return of the human element to the Star Wars universe.

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are in fine form as Han Solo and Leia, and their croaky voices give the roles fresh depth.

Star Wars Series – The Last Jedi

In this eighth episode of the saga, young Rey (Daisy Ridley) finds herself in the presence of Jedi legend Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill).

The newest Star Wars film carries on with the richly nostalgic tone of its predecessors. While also adding new elements to the series. The Last Jedi is a beautiful, innovative war drama that takes viewers places they never would expect to be in the galaxy.

The movie’s themes of idealism, loyalty and self-sacrifice are as appealing as ever. A ragtag team of hotheads and cockeyed optimists fight to save the galaxy from totalitarian domination by a proto-fascist remnant led by Supreme Leader Snoke.